NTDOM: remote profile created, but automatic logoff?

Tyler Saxton tls at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Feb 12 07:39:58 GMT 1998

I'm been trying to get the BRANCH_NTDOM samba source code to work as a
primary domain controller for some NT workstations in a small computer

In the smb.conf file, I have set:

logon path = \\samba-server\profiles\%U\profile

and when I try to log into the samba domain for the first time for a user,
the directory %U/profile is created in the "profiles" share, and filled
with ntuser.dat, and other directories and files like "application data",
"desktop", etc.  (All files are created with their names in lower case.)

So, it looks to me like the remote profile for the user is created
successfully.  However, after entering the username and password on the NT
machine, what I see is the "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0..." logo
disappear, leaving a blank background, and then after a short time, I get
prompted to logon again, without any error messages or explanation.

I've also tried to copy a local profile across manually, using the System
Control Panel, with the same results.

The DOMAIN.txt document mentions having to create a .PDS directory by
hand...  I'm not sure where exactly to do this (path) what to put in it,
or if it's relevant -- At one stage NT did complain that it couldn't
create a \\samba-server\profiles\user\profile.pds directory, but that was
before I was getting profiles transferred across properly, I think.  It
doesn't say that now, anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions what might be wrong?

Tyler Saxton			tls at cs.mu.oz.au
Student IT Manager		tls at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Trinity College			(03) 9387 2383

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