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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 11 18:29:57 GMT 1998

Brian Powell wrote:
> In the docs, it states that the users' passwords are not checked when
> logging into the NT workstations (and we have found this to indeed be
> the case). Why is that?  Is it just that it is some kind of complicated
> process that you have not yet gotten to work, or is there some kind of
> design reason for this?

export laws regarding encryption.  See the note about USE_ARCFOUR in

> Is there some type of workaround or trick to ensure some kind of login
> authentication on the NT workstations in a Samba domain currently?  How
> are others currently handling this problem?

get arcfour.h and arcfour.c and compile using the USE_ARCFOUR option (
as stated above ).

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