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Brian Powell bpowell at
Wed Feb 11 17:25:59 GMT 1998

Hello again Samba/NT-domain gurus,

FIrst, I'd like to give a BIG thanks too all of you for your hard work on
"decrypting" the MS domain protocols and implementing them in Samba.  It is
truly a blessing that there are people like you out here on the Internet!

I fully realize that the Samba NTDOMAIN code is still in a rough test stage,
but regardless, we are trying to set it up as our global login scheme for our
NT machines.  Luckily we are in a position with a little room for
experimentation in this regard.  So, on to my questions...

In the docs, it states that the users' passwords are not checked when logging
into the NT workstations (and we have found this to indeed be the case).
Why is that?  Is it just that it is some kind of complicated process that you
have not yet gotten to work, or is there some kind of design reason for this?

Is there some type of workaround or trick to ensure some kind of login
authentication on the NT workstations in a Samba domain currently?  How are
others currently handling this problem?

Thanks again!

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