Samba problem with digital modem

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Feb 11 12:53:07 GMT 1998

hi anthony,

this question is more appropriately asked of the samba at
list, as this list is for the discussion of development and administration
of samba as a replacement for NT server.

ok.  it looks like your question might be appropriate to ask, according to
that criteria :-)  let me try and explain further, for everyone's benefit,
and to help in writing a "welcome" note when first subscribing to this

paul ashton and i managed to get domain logons working, for nt
workstations, in samba, on the dce/rpc pipes named \PIPE\NETLOGON and
\PIPE\lsarpc. unfortunately, once you do that, the nt workstation then
thinks it's talking to an nt server, and assumes various bits of
functionality exist.  e.g \PIPE\srvsvc; \PIPE\spoolss; \PIPE\winreg.

so when we first got domain logons working, we couldn't access files on
another domain-enabled workstation; couldn't access _local_ files on an
NTFS partition if you logged in a second time; could browse the Samba
Server; you still can't print properly (but see instructions in

some of this is now done.  there is still lots more to do.  printing is an
o/s issue.  directly answering your question, i don't know what the issues
are: see if someone on the samba digest has dealt with this before, as
there _may_ be a way to solve the problem if you use 1.9.18p2 (not
BRANCH_NTDOM).  if you use BRANCH_NTDOM, you are guaranteed to run into

best regards,


On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 achadwic at wrote:

> I've got a friend that uses Samba in an NT network.  He dials in via
> digital modem from his laptop.  He can see the network and everything.
> However, he just can't print.  Everyone else can print just fine.  Also,
> when he plugs it into the network directly, he can print.  just when
> dialing in using the modem, it doesn't.  Any ideas?
> Anthony Chadwick

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