Also no PDC found

Paul Ashton paul at
Mon Feb 9 16:43:58 GMT 1998

At 16:18 09/02/98 , Haynes, Andrew J (DPR) wrote:
>Does the SAMBA server implement the required NetBIOS names for PDC and
>PDC/BDC location?. These would be the DOMAIN[1B] (unique) name and the
>DOMAIN[1C] (group) name. For ordinary secure channel setup, the workstation
>would query for DOMAIN[1C], either broadcast or via MS WINS and try every
>server on the list until it gets a response.

Yes it does. They are all valid points, but often with Samba you
will see a symptom that obscures the real cause of the problem
(at least until the NTDOMAIN code has gone through several more


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