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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Feb 9 13:58:11 GMT 1998

Paul Ashton wrote:
> 1. A FAQ - There's Luke's home page and some other docs in
>    samba/docs to be used as a start, but it would be nice
>    if it was all pulled together to start a regularly
>    posted FAQ to this list.
> 3. Password changing. There seems to be dozens of ways to
>    do this and the various mechanisms are documented in
>    some of the cifs documents, microsoft ppp chap extensions,
>    and other places. NetServerPasswordSet() should be an
>    easy one that we haven't got around to yet. The nice
>    one to have would be the CTRL-ALT-DEL password change
>    one as that provides a plaintext password to the server
>    in order that it can be quality checked. Decoding that
>    one means that we can synchonise password databases
>    with /etc/passwd providing the password is changed on
>    the NT machine.

I start looking at these hopefully this afternoon.  Anybody want to

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