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Fri Feb 6 17:58:44 GMT 1998


i just wanted to let you know that, having seen some nt workstation /
server printer interaction, i am now picking my jaw off the floor and
revising my estimates, even of getting a simple print job to an nt
machine.  there are lots of apis: approximately 60.  a quickview on
spoolss.dll shows exactly how many, and what they are.

fortunately, all of them are documented with NetMonitor.  it is
therefore an unchallenging, unexciting and necessary task to put
functionality behind all of these.  unexciting as compared to
nt domain authentication, that is, but no less necessary.

i haven't found a way to force an NT machine to back down to using
the SMBtrans2 calls, once you make it think you're talking to
another NT machine.  that's not to say that there isn't a way.
maybe if you get a certain sub-set (printer enumeration for example)
then once you go beyond that, it can thunk down to actually doing
the print-jobs using SMBtrans2 calls.  the reasoning behind this
being that there are key APIs which are implemented as a group of
RPCs.  if you start implementing one of those as an MSRPC call,
you _must_ implement the rest.  if you do not, then you _must_
implement them all as SMBtrans2 calls...

we'll see.


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