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Wed Feb 4 21:44:22 GMT 1998

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Michel wrote:

> The docs mention having to add a line to smbpasswd for every machine,
> then a line that it's no longer needed =). Do I or don't I ? 
> (what this line exactly looks like is a bit obscure in the docs).

the line must exist. It looks like:

86B3A8B1D8DE8B3C2406A673B37EC063:machine joker:/home/joker:/bin/tcsh

it have to be on a single line, i split it for readability.

to create it, the easy way is:

	1) add a line in /etc/passwd
	the corresponding line to the above is:
	joker$::301:300:machine joker:/home/joker:/bin/tcsh

	2) run smbpasswd as
	smbpasswd -add joker$ joker

	you can remove the line from /etc/passwd.

hope it helps.

> Any suggestions, or any notices from the debug's that I need to pay 
> explicit attention to ?
> Michel.

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