Also no PDC found

Michel michel at
Wed Feb 4 21:14:17 GMT 1998

I seem to have somewhat of the same problem with NT machine finding
the domain controller; in default debug level, nmdb's log reports
processing a logon package with code 7 (querypdc) twice every once in
a while (starting ofcourse when I want to change the machine to the
samba domain).

Higher debug levels do not reveal alot, and I definitely don't get
any SAM-notices. Tcpdump shows that netbios services are bound to port
137/138 though (maybe the higher debug doesnt show more as it seems to
stall as soon as the logfile hits 56k).

Not getting any SAM messages, I tried to fiddle with the netbios name
resolving, but that seems to work fine anyways.

The docs mention having to add a line to smbpasswd for every machine,
then a line that it's no longer needed =). Do I or don't I ? 
(what this line exactly looks like is a bit obscure in the docs).

Any suggestions, or any notices from the debug's that I need to pay 
explicit attention to ?


  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at

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