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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 4 17:12:13 GMT 1998

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Hey folks!

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I have the latest BRANCH_NTDOM ( updated to 1.9.18p2 ) compiled
installed and running fine with no problem except....

When I run at the default debug level ( 1 i think ) the NT Wks complains
about the PDC fot the Domain not being available.  However, the user
profile and validation still works fine?! ( i defined USE_ARCFOUR in the
compile )

If I run at a debug level of about 5 the NT Wks goes through fine (
logins scripts and all ).  

Could anyone elaborate on this?  I am assumig their is a race condition
somewhere but have not been able to find it yet ( because I can't crank
up the debug levels to look at what it broken )

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