Just wondering...

Reybok, Richard K RReybok at EXAMNYC.lehman.com
Tue Feb 3 19:07:29 GMT 1998

well, solaris 2.6 supports PAM now, so I'm sure it could be ported.
as for other OS's, without PAM, you would wind up having to replace
every binary that needs to access user information because there is no
underlying API. As an example, i wrote a quick replacement for
/bin/login on my solaris 2.5 box to log me in using my domain account.
quick & dirty, but it worked.


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> So far, it looks like this work is only available
> as a PAM.  Is there any plans on making it available
> on any of the other Samba supported platforms (notably
> on Solaris??)  I'd be willing to "test" it in that
> environment...
> Earl

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