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Max Wheatley max at
Thu Dec 31 02:49:21 GMT 1998

Hi Michael ( and the rest of the list )

Michael Hinz wrote:

> So, add the following line to your smb.conf and it will work.
>         security = user

Hmmmm well when I read the doc' I read it as exactly the opposite, but
hey. Anyway I changed this and it works fine. Thanks for your help.

The big thing I found out though was the length of the machine name
woodstock exceeds 8 characters ..... maybe that is why smbpasswd -a -m
woodstock, would not or could not write the password field ... Changed
machine name to marica and all is OK.

I then spent some time sorting out profiles ..... Much confusion. I have
the users profile in their home directory\profile. For the moment this
seems to work, but can't see how. A few words of enlightenment may help.

I got login scripts to work.

I haven't checked polices yet as i have a problem.

I read the bit about "domain admins" in the "FAQ for Samba NTDOM PDC
support" paper. I followed that example and set it up, the only problem
is testparms chokes on the "domain map group" & "local group map". When
I use SWAT and look at the "full" view it shows: 
           domain admin group = 
           domain guest group = 
           domain admin users = 
           domain guest users = 

..... did I miss something here ????

One last little question, in beta4 smbmount doesn't compile "out of the
box" no more, do I need to modify the make file ? or is there some
reason why I don't need it no more ??


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max.wheatley at

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