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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Dec 28 02:50:35 GMT 1998

Colovic Igor wrote:
> I have set up Samba2.0.0b4 and it is working great. I can 
> log in. Roaming profiles are working fine.

For the PDC functionality, you should be using the HEAD branch
(get it via CVS.  See the NTDOM FAQ Q2.1 for more info)
Be warned that it is all still experiemental 
(as your probably know)

> My question is:
> Why I can not get user list from Samba server. It this 
> work in progress or what.

Not completed yet.  Still being worked on.

> What I want is to forbid all users(but users in admin 
> group) to write to local disk.
> Can it be done if I can not get user/group list from server.

Not that I know of.

> There are some files that WinNT is looking(like userinit.exe) 
> and it can not find them(they are not there)
> Can this be reason why I can not get user list.

Yup.  Others (including myself) have reproduced that as well.
No idea why but it unrelated to the user list thing.

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