Question about User list

Colovic Igor cigor at EUnet.yu
Thu Dec 24 08:28:55 GMT 1998

I have set up Samba2.0.0b4 and it is working great. I can log in. Roaming
profiles are working fine.

My question is:
Why I can not get user list from Samba server. It this work in progress or

What I want is to forbid all users(but users in admin group) to write to
local disk.
Can it be done if I can not get user/group list from server.

There are some files that WinNT is looking(like userinit.exe) and it can not
find them(they are not there)
Can this be reason why I can not get user list.

Colovic Igor                Linux Users Group of Yugoslavia
cigor at eunet.yu
DelphiPro at

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