domain users map?

Matthew Kirkwood weejock at
Tue Dec 22 16:30:22 GMT 1998

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Matthew Kirkwood wrote:

> > If you're running samba 2.0 Beta x, the domain admin users is still
> > the way to go.
> Ah OK, thanks.
> I'll let you know what happens...
> [disappears to test this]

It doesn't seem to work - the listed users can't write to their local

I don't suppose that this log entry is relevant, is it?

[1998/12/22 16:25:15, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(208)
  p25 ( couldn't find service clients

Also: I can no longer get a list of shares with smbclient -L:
root at p75:~# smbclient -L //P75 -U patrick
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Connection to //P75 failed

My smb.conf is at


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