LDAP Problems with PDC functionality

Matthew Chapman s2232203 at cse.unsw.edu.au
Tue Dec 22 05:03:58 GMT 1998

> I am testing the ldap funtionality with the latest cvs code :

Fantastic! It needs a bit of work yet and I need as many people as
possible to try it out.

> 1.) if you modify a User with command "smbpasswd <user>" the "dn:'
> has always be set to:  "dn: uid=user,o=XX,c=AT",
> If the Users "dn" is like: "dn: cn=Peter XXX,o=YYY,c=AT"
> it is not working

OK will fix.

> 2.) Set a trusted machine account with "smbpasswd -m pc_test" results in
> modifying  user attributes or something, not workstation attributes
> to the LDAP Object:

Can you elaborate? Currently creating a machine account should create a
fairly normal user, but with a W in acctFlags to indicate a workstation
trust account. Is this W not being added?

> If you want to join the domain following errors occures:
> [1998/12/21 23:13:58, 0] passdb/ldap.c:ldap_search_for(99)
>   search: Protocol error

Can you try this at debug level 3 or higher please.


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