Samba 2.0.0beta3 as PDC and trusted domains

John Williams williamj at
Fri Dec 18 09:23:17 GMT 1998

We are trying to set up a Winframe 1.7 server on NT 3.51.  What we would
ideally like to do, is set it up so that users are dynamically created and
use NIS for password authentication, like nisgina does on NT Workstations,
but nisgina does not run on servers. I've set up a Samba 2 PDC in a
seperate domain which works for NT workstation logins.  I would like to
make the Winframe server "trust" the Samba server domain and authenticate
to it but I get an error message that the Samba domain is not set up to
allow trusts and user logins fail.  

Can this setup be made to work?
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