Latest CVS - problems..

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Dec 17 22:29:02 GMT 1998

 Using the latest 2.1-alpha CVS downloaded less than an hour ago -

 On an NT workstation, logged in as a user in the administrator group.

 svrmgr - crashes with a 'access voliation' with out showing any hosts.

 cacls.exe causes an exception is lass.exe, after which no RPC function
seems to work anymore. The machine has to rebooted before any one else
can login again.

 cacls is only being used to get acls of local users or groups - im trying
to restrict access to all the system files so people cant tamper.

 The server is a dual CPU Linux 2.1.131 system, which other than the kernel
and Samba is stock RedHat 5.2

 If I run cacls.exe on another workstation served by 2.0beta4, it works,
but issues a warning about not mapping users and groups.

 I can get tcpdumps and debug logs if required.

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