newbie trying to create samba pdc on linux

A J Every masaje at
Thu Dec 17 12:27:17 GMT 1998


I'm relatively new to samba, but not so much NT.

I'm trying to create a samba PDC on my linux RedHat 5.2 box.

I'm using samba beta 4 to do this.

My current state is:

1. Domain is visible on NT boxes.
2. I have connected once from NT using an account created in smbpasswd
3. After this initial account logon I have started to get the message
   "The system cannot log you on now because the domain MATHS-SAMBA is not 	   
4. At other times I get an error message similar to Michael Hulet's on the     
    ntdom archive "The system cannot log you on to this domain because the
   system's computer account in its primary domain is missing or the password 
   on the account is incorrect"

Looking at the ports it appears that both Linux and NT are talking to each 
other via samba (connecting) but not actually noticing the connection.

What I basically want to know, before I email this list with logs, port logs 
etc., is should I go with beta 4 to try and achieve these aims.  Do other 
people use this to get PDC control.  I keep reading about how this does not 
fully work and is not yet supported so I keep wondering whether (for a change) 
I haven't made a mistake.


alan (every).

Alan Every,
Systems Programmer,
Mathematical Sciences,
University of Bath 

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