starting from scratch

Jan van Rensburg jan.van.rensburg at
Thu Dec 17 10:11:20 GMT 1998

i've been on this mailing list for almost a year now & are familiar with
most of the samba basics. 

we are setting up a branch office that will run linux on the server
side, 95 & nt on the client side. our head office is mostly an nt shop.
an nt domain & ms exchange 5.5. i'm looking for tips and suggestions
that might be helpful when i'm setting up the new branch office. our
basic requirements will be:
1.) file mirroring between our head office nt file server and the linux
box with samba (should i go for the samba 2.0 betas or stick to the
1.19.x for now?)
2.) mail "mirroring". will forwarding from ms exchange to the linux host
be the best way to do this?

nice to have's would be:

1.) automatic username/password sync's (as far as i know pdc<->bdc
functionality isn't implemented yet, any other ways to do this?)

--jan van rensburg 

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