leaving and rejoining domain

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at dalalu.fr
Thu Dec 17 09:01:56 GMT 1998

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > But there are lots of other times when this is a real pain. Because the
> > same effect shows up when updating a version of samba that has been in
> > operation for a period of time, we need to do this on EVERY NT in the
> > domain when we upgrade samba.
> why??? i have never needed to do this.

I just had this bug on 2 production servers yesterday after upgrading from
2.0beta1 to 2.0beta4. 

Users were unable to log in: error C000019B. The only solution was to
rejoin the domain for each WKS (around a 100). The worse part was with the
profiles, all applications were confused by the changed SID.

I think the bug come from beta4 which doesn't interpret the MACHINE.SID as
beta1 done (sid_to_string() and string_to_sid()).


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