leaving and rejoining domain

Matthew Geier matthew at janus.law.usyd.edu.au
Wed Dec 16 22:39:23 GMT 1998

> But there are lots of other times when this is a real pain. Because the
> same effect shows up when updating a version of samba that has been in
> operation for a period of time, we need to do this on EVERY NT in the
> domain when we upgrade samba.

 This has not happened to me - ive upgraded progressively from the 2.0
alpha's to the beta release, often with a couple of weeks between cvs
updates and Ive not had to rejoin the workstations, the reconnect fine.

 I havent run the 2.1 alpha's on the same machine however, I got another
box to play with and that started with the 2.1 series. It has been
CVS updated many times and the workstations keep working fine.

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