leaving and rejoining domain

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Dec 16 22:28:28 GMT 1998

At 10:21 PM 16/12/1998 +1100, J. A. Landamore wrote:
>.. machines ... that I occassionally need to remove from the domain and then 
>rejoin the domain.

How about creating a local account on the machine(s) and selecting local
machine at the logon dialog. I don't think this messes up the machine
passwd, you can return to the domain by selecting the domain again in the
logon dialog.

But there are lots of other times when this is a real pain. Because the
same effect shows up when updating a version of samba that has been in
operation for a period of time, we need to do this on EVERY NT in the
domain when we upgrade samba.

1. Reset the smbpasswd entry for machine :
	smbpasswd -m -a machine

2. Leave and rejoin the domain
	a) Log on as Administrator to the local machine, change the lower field in
logon dialog to local machine name, use the user name of Administrator and
the Administrator's password.
	b) From the network icon change from domain to workgroup. Click OK to
warning message. Then change back to domain and get the 'Welcome to domain'
message. OK and reboot. At the logon dialog, select the domain and use a
suitable domain user name and passwd and logon (otherwise other 'users'
will try and use their domain username with the local machine name....). 

Is there any prospect of this being solved ? Luke ? Please !
Does the same thing happen in NT ?


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