leaving and rejoining domain

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Dec 16 14:22:52 GMT 1998

J. A. Landamore wrote:
> However to get them to rejoin the domain I need to stop samba,
> remove the machine entry from smbpasswd, add the machine 
> entry and restart samba.  I can then get the success dialog box 
> when  I add them to the domain otherwise it fails.
> Could someone please explain why it refuses to use the 
> old smbpasswd entry please?

The process of joining a domain consists of the server and 
workstation using a default password which is the client's 
NetBIOS machine in lowe case letters.  Everytime you join a 
domain, the server and client use the default password.  
After joining the domain, the client will change it to 
some random string (but still not that secure).

You shoudl not have to kill smbd to change the machine 
password for a domain member.  Just use 'smbpasswd machine$'
replacing machine$ with the netbios machine name appended by '$'
when prompted for a password, enter the machine name in lower case

Hope this helps,
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