* Can we use Linux server as PDC for 95-s?

Maryanna Nesina mar at nesin.usr.pu.ru
Wed Dec 16 10:03:51 GMT 1998

Hi, all!
I greatly appologise for maybe  a rather silly question, but I'm
not very familiar with Unix.
The thing  is  that we have a class with  win95  workstations where a
GroupPolicy  is carried  out (the  appropriate file  is  reading
from the NT server's \Netlogon dir while the 95's boxes are logging)
and the list  of  the groups and users  is taken from the NT PDC.
In PolEdit it is checked not to allow for a 95 to start without the
right logging to a server.
Now for the several reasons we  are going to have a Linux (or FreeBSD) Server.
 Would it be possible for our 95's PC to take the list of groups and users
from the Unix machine (using Samba there, I sopose?), to grab the PolAdit's
file while  logging  from there and  to start Win95 only  if the
logging to Unix Server is OK?


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