Machines in domain S and users in domain U

Billinghurst, David (RTD) David.Billinghurst at
Tue Dec 15 02:57:45 GMT 1998

Our multi-site NT network is set up with
*	all users in a corporate domain U
*	all NT workstations/servers in site based resource domains S
*	each resource domain S trusts the corporate domain U

At present I am using samba-1.9.18p10 with
*	security = server, and 
*	workgroup = S
*	password server = "PDC and BDC for domain U"

This works well.  

I would like to move domain based security for our samba servers.
The NT administrator wants the samba servers to go into the resource domain
(and will not allow them into the corporate domain U).

As all the users are in the domain U I was wondering:
*	Will this work?
*	Is it a good idea to move to domain based security yet?
(Yes.  I have read DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt)

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