RID mapping

John Burchett johnb at ee.duke.edu
Fri Dec 11 23:17:33 GMT 1998


I think I've discovered somewhat the problem that I'm having. My 'trust'
account (phb$) has a UID of 32770, and I think this is the idea...
(32770 * 4) + 1000 + 1
= the number that samba decides it's UID should be. I think this needs
to be mapped to 0x201 by 'smb group file'. I saw it in your code and
tried compiling it in but no go. I guess this is work in progress? I
haven't cvs'd recently, so I'll do that now.

Crux of the issue: Is the warning message "phb$ should be in ...
DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS" fatal? Will that lock me off from viewing
profiles, etc. or (important) cause me to get the message RPC call
failed? I looked around at the infinite loop that's happening,, good
luck,... can't tell much but that it bogs down lookin through the list
somehow. I think this looks suspicious...

[1998/12/11 18:15:38, 10] groupdb/groupdb.c:add_domain_group(175)
  adding group root()
[1998/12/11 18:15:38, 10] groupdb/groupunix.c:getgrpunixpwent(169)
  getgrpunixpwent: enum unix group entry root
[1998/12/11 18:15:38, 10] lib/domain_namemap.c:lookupsmbgrpgid(1143)

It happens in the loop and looks like maybe it is adding a newfound
group, then searching, then adding then searching.... etc.
Is it searching  the list it just added too? dunno.. can't hurt, might
help, you get the idea.

good luck,

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