alert: primary groups must be domain groups

John Burchett johnb at
Fri Dec 11 19:38:35 GMT 1998

Would you believe that I just went through a dozen source files and found that
out? lol

guess I should have done that in the first place... for some odd reason, even
after I do this (it was a problem before also) when ever I click on "Domain
Admins/Guest/Users" in the user manager it say that the 'group can not be
found'. Any ideas?

Usually the 'preexisting' NT groups will give this error, but if I map a unix
group to them (like Administrators) the error goes away and I can view the
group. For some reason the "Domain ..." groups, even though mapped to unix
groups, still won't display!?

any ideas?
-clueless in durham (john) lol

somehow, signing this way just sounds cool... anybody agree?
hmm, guess I've been reading too much dear abby.. doh

> > also, I have a unix group 'users' and phb$ is in it. Is there any
> > requirement on what the GID of this group should be? Also, what is
> > RID (NT thing?) and what's the deal here?
> too much to explain, with r.s.i and all.  check the archives, check the
> web for info on nt-only domain administration, books on nt-only domain
> admin etc.

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