alert: primary groups must be domain groups

John Burchett johnb at
Fri Dec 11 18:29:23 GMT 1998


I'm not exactly sure what you mean... here are my domain, local maps.
Can you tell me if I have this problem?

DSL = my samba domain

Domain Group Map
adm     DSL\"Domain Admins"
users   DSL\"Domain Users"

Domain User Map

Local Group Map
lp="Print Operators"
sys="System Operators"
disk="Backup Operators"
daemon="Power Users"
bin="Account Operators"

Note, I just did all this local group mapping for fun... the only one I
*really* need is the wheel mapping.

my samba user map is:
root = Administrator

I am mostly logging in as 'Administrator' to do my profile checking,
though the user 'johnb' (me) is in the adm group too.


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