restrict anonymous patch against 2beta2

Nick Holloway Nick.Holloway at
Fri Dec 11 11:36:52 GMT 1998

At 11:09 02/12/98 -0800, thwartedefforts at wrote:
>This patch adds a 'restrict anonymous' parameter to samba which 
>forces samba to deny anonymous connections from clients.
>This has two effects:
> - The %U and %G macro expansions will work in a predictable manner,
>   because a username is always needed.  This gets rid of cases 
>   where the client refreshes the share listing and shares "disappear".

I would just like to report that this seems to solve the problem we are
having with shares disappearing (see PR#11506).  As well as NT, we have
also tried access from a Windows '98 client, and that was fine (it did
trigger the warning about browsing in a Win95 environment -- perhaps the
log level of that could be reduced).

This is something I would _really_ like to see in Samba 2.0.0.  This has
been a problem for quite a while, and was mentioned periodically in
comp.protocols.smb by others.  It is getting worse here, as more machines
move to NT from Windows '95.

Although it does have known problems when acting as a PDC, this isn't a
particular problem with our environment, and the setting defaults to off.
It also has a known workaround, which the problem with NT connecting
anonymously currently doesn't.

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