listing of daemons running on a unix server

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Dec 10 21:54:45 GMT 1998

> Agreed. This is something that should be handled by the various desktop
> packages that are out there. Most of the desktop projects out there are
> focusing on the end user and not general administration. The fOX Project
> is more geared towards stuff like administration, etc, but it is still
> very young. It's based on Xclass (win32 looking widgets, etc) and can be
> found at ... so if you really want to do that kinda
> programming, then check at that site.

personally, i don't, thanks for pointing it.  the idea is to provide tools
for _them_ to use to administer remote systems, in a command-line tool.
and then to provide the capability to "be managed" by rpcclient on  a
unxix bo, via samba.


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