Cannot add machine with latest CVS

Greg Dickie greg at
Thu Dec 10 20:58:38 GMT 1998

Just a quick update on this. I think I've covered the basics. I've gone into
dbx in a looping process and put breakpoints on setgrent and getgrent.
It never stops at setgrent so I don't think thats the problem . My small test
program seems to work ok so I don't think it's the OS...

Now I'm really confused.

Anyone have any ideas?


On 10-Dec-98 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> > so it's all riddled with awkward horrible stuff and i'm giving serious
>> > consideration to cacheing the unix group -> nt rid data using
>> > groupdb/aliasfile.c,groupfile.c and builtinfile.c.
>> I was thinking about this as well, its not like the group database changes
>> too
>> often. Of course you still need to cycle through it at least once and how
>> would
>> you know when your cache needs to be flushed in an NIS situation?
> i know, and i'd really like someone else to think about this one and deal
> with it.  the code to do the cacheing exists, it's all there (i think
> aliasfile.c etc hasn't been compiled up for a while, i'll have to fix
> that) and it needs "mod / add  / delete" added to it to be useful.

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