Advice on versions for samba NT Server support

Greg Ryan gregr at
Thu Dec 10 20:14:03 GMT 1998

I'm just starting to look at samba and NT, having had it happily
working serving labs of Windows 95 for some times, and I'd like some
initial advice on which samba version to upgrade to.

We're looking at setting up one or more NT Server boxes running Citrix
Metaframe, and want our Unix users to be able to log in on these NT
Servers (running NT Terminal Server) and have the usual resources made
available - home directory mounted and printers accessible.  We
currently run samba-1.9.18p8.  Am I right in assuming that I need to
set up a samba server sa a Primary Domain Controller?  Does
samba-2.0.0beta3 have the support for PDC that I need, or do I need to
move to a prealpha?

				Greg Ryan       gregr at

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