John Burchett johnb at ee.duke.edu
Thu Dec 10 17:59:52 GMT 1998


I looked over the logs, and I think it may be this infinite loop, cause when
I double click in the USRMGR to get a profile, samba starts takinging up like
100MB of memory and all the cpu time it can get. I can always just kill it
and restart it, and it's back to normal (don't even have to log out of the
NT client)

As I think I mailed you earlier, I identified a loop that is repeated about
20 or so times... (probably infinite with more log-file space). I looked
through the code of the groupdb.c file where the loops is coming from, and it
is in user_is_member routine. It goes 'Searching against Administrator', then
finishes looking through that group. Then it goes on to two other groups
(only ones I have mapped) but DOESN'T do anything else. then it just repeats
the whole thing over and over. I don't still have the logs, I think they're
in a previous message, but I bet it's the same problem greg was having w/an
infinite loop.

Since it at least searches for 'Administrator' I tried looking at the profile
for administrator, and user_is_member reported that it had been found, but
the loop went on anyway! dunno exactly what's wrong here, other than some
kind of runaway loop.

TTFN (ta ta for now, for those uneducated illiterates out there, lol)

oh, and btw, Server manager crashes right when I start it up in the domain of
interest. Doesn't give any data at all, just dies.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, John Burchett wrote:
> > Luke,
> >
> > I now have Admin access. Thanx a ton, and I'm using the latest source
> > code now.
> hooray.
> > However, now when I click in the User Manager to get profile
> > information, the machine sits for about 1 minute then says RPC call
> > failed. Is profile viewing implemented in samba yet?
> yes.  oh dear this is probably the order-n-cubed algoritms hitting you, or
> the getgrent() infinite loop.  can you check log files at level 20 or so?

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