AW: beta3 on HPUX 9.04 with cc/gcc

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Thu Dec 10 08:16:18 GMT 1998

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> Betreff:	Re: AW: beta3 on HPUX 9.04 with cc/gcc
> > configure: In function `main':
> > configure:2986: `samba_cv_have_setresgid' undeclared (first use this function)
> ahh, this is something that Jeremy has fixed already, but after the
> beta3 release. beta3 won't work on any platform that needs setresgid()
> (that's only HPUX as far as I know).
> I've put a fixed configure script for beta3 at

Thanks for your help!

it works fine (both - with gcc and ansi-c) on HPUX 9.04 with the new configure-script!

Thanks again.


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