Cannot add machine with latest CVS

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Dec 10 02:01:47 GMT 1998

> > so it's all riddled with awkward horrible stuff and i'm giving serious
> > consideration to cacheing the unix group -> nt rid data using
> > groupdb/aliasfile.c,groupfile.c and builtinfile.c.
> I was thinking about this as well, its not like the group database changes too
> often. Of course you still need to cycle through it at least once and how would
> you know when your cache needs to be flushed in an NIS situation?

i know, and i'd really like someone else to think about this one and deal
with it.  the code to do the cacheing exists, it's all there (i think
aliasfile.c etc hasn't been compiled up for a while, i'll have to fix
that) and it needs "mod / add  / delete" added to it to be useful.

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