Access Controls for Swat ?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Dec 10 01:37:55 GMT 1998

> Nope ... just tried it ... mode 700, owner root.  Logged into Swat
> as normal user and can see everything.  

ahh, I know why.

When I added support for "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" in SWAT I
needed to move the smb.conf loading to before the uid switch. It has
to do tht as it needs the contents of smb.conf in order to
authenticate users.

> Swat is running as root out of inetd and doesn't appear to switch
> users to whomever logs in.

it does switch, but only after it has authenticated the user.

I'll fix it to disallow display of smb.conf if the user doesn't have
read access.

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