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Matthew Geier matthew at janus.law.usyd.edu.au
Thu Dec 10 00:54:52 GMT 1998

 Lack of NT domain model experience showing here -- what does this mean ?

[1998/12/10 22:49:06, 0] passdb/sampass.c:getsamfile21pwent(107)
  trust account bentham$ should be in DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS

 This message is appearing every time I start usermgr, and is repeated
for each machine account.
 I have all the machine accounts in a unix group called 'machine'. I
presume this unix group would need to be mapped to some 'Well known'
NT group ?

 No matter who I login as ( on all 3 machines I have in the test domain)
im getting 'Your password has expired'. The main account I use it most
definatly hasnt expired , I used the CTRL-ALT-DEL password option to
change it from NT...

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