How do you make a domain admin?

John Burchett johnb at
Wed Dec 9 23:22:57 GMT 1998


I am having trouble setting up an admin account. Samba is my PDC, NT my
client, and I can now successfully log in as several users, including
'root'. However, when I go to the User Manager and try to view user
profile information, it tells me 'access denied' - also for other admin
stuff like certain options on the NET command. These are the measures I
have already done to setup an admin

domain admin group = root
domain user map = ... file which contains
    adm    Domain Admins
    root    Administrators

I noticed that there are TWO 'Administrators' groups in the User Manager
window - one is the preexisting one that responses 'can't find group'
when I click on it, and the other that is caused by the domain user map.
When I click on it, it shows that the user 'root' is in it. There
appears to be a bug of some sort when the mapping of Administrators is
done, because it doesn't overwrite/augment  the built-in Administrators
group like it should.

any suggestions on how to get an admin account ?
thanx in advance,
john burchett
johnb at

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