listing of daemons running on a unix server

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Dec 9 21:53:54 GMT 1998

> > so, the basic impression is that all systems are 
> > different.  would forcing people to reference a list of 
> > scripts that have "start|stop|restart" and optionally 
> > "status" be acceptable, taking the cue from redhat?
> I'm not sure this will pan out.  Looking down the road, how will 
> you map the disabled/manual/automatic service properties or 
> the "run service as this account"?

hm.  become_user(), run script, unbecome_user().

> I would stay away from service management.  At least not 
> now.  Service are totally disrelated from file sharing.

so is login services.  so is printing.  so is user manager for domains
"SAM database management". etc.  which is why i want to split the whole
dce/rpc code into separate (GPL) daemons.

> Let Samba do what it does and not attempt to emulate 
> the **entire** NT operating system.  Given that such 
> {start|stop} scripts already exist, all it takes is an 
> SSH shell open on the Samba server to manage these.

nah, nah, i wanna do it all!  cake and eat it!

ok, i'll settle for comprehensive rpcclient functionality and less in smbd
for now.

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