beta3 on HPUX 9.04 with cc/gcc

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Dec 9 11:09:11 GMT 1998

> Samba-2.0.0beta3 didn´t compile on HPUX 9.04 (HP-UX eder A.09.04 E
> 9000/817 1475312212 8-Benutzer-Lizenz) with ansi-C compiler and gcc

> Linking bin/smbd
> /bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
>    seteuid (code)
>    setegid (code)

1) does the autogenerated includes/config.h have "#define HAVE_SETRESUID 1"
   in it?

2) if it does, then we need to work out which module isn't using the
   right #ifdef. Use nm to find which .o file has a seteuid() call in

3) if includes/config.h doesn't have the HAVE_SETRESUID define then
   look in config.log to try to work out why configure isn't correctly
   detecting setresuid(). 

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