Please clarify cvs vs head vs beta

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Dec 8 20:02:46 GMT 1998

James Thompson wrote:
> All the talk of the cvs code, betas, and HEAD have me 
> confused.  Is 2.0 the code that will have PDC support?  
> What are the differences between the HEAD branch (whateven 
> that is), the cvs code with PDC support and the soon
> to be released :-) 2.0 code?

The 2.0 alpha was the CVS HEAD branch.  Once 2.0Beta1 was 
released 2.0 and the CVS Head branch split so as to 
continue development without jepodizing the stability of a 
soon to be released 2.0.  Make sense?

At this point the HEAD branch is continuing to evolve and 
the 2.0 is frozen for the moment except for bug fixes.

Hope this helps,
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