Samba as NT print server

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Dec 8 19:49:41 GMT 1998

> Has anyone heard about using Samba with HP JetDirect boxes? I've got
> several of these HP boxes that connect three parallel ports to one
> Ethernet-connected print server device. I know it's possible to use these
> with NT, but haven't run across any info on usage with Samba print service.

 I run 5 JetDirect card equiped printers and one with a JetDirect box. Its
not a samba problem - its a Unix printer queue problem.
 The simplest method is define remote (lpd) printer queues for each
JetDirect box and export the queues with Samba.
 The HP LPD implementation sux, but does work. Ive actually installed
JetPrint for Solaris on my machine, and samba sends jobs to the JetDirect
 Ive heard that some people have written lpng scripts that talk directly
to the JetDirects to get around their rotten lpd implementation and not use
JetPrint for Unix, but again this is a Unix problem not samba....

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