Please clarify cvs vs head vs beta

James Thompson jamest at
Tue Dec 8 19:40:15 GMT 1998

I've managed to confuse myself.  I'm running an older (October 2x) copy of
the cvs code from the cvs site mentioned in the NT-DOM FAQ.  After a few
weeks of cvs updates, configuring, and testing it does exactly what I need
of it as far as acting as a PDC for a small number of NT4.0 boxes so I
wasn't planning on updating until 2.0.0 (which I thought was the cvs code
in alpha state).

All the talk of the cvs code, betas, and HEAD have me confused.  Is 2.0
the code that will have PDC support?  What are the differences between the
HEAD branch (whateven that is), the cvs code with PDC support and the soon
to be released :-) 2.0 code?

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