roaming profiles reset

Jamie ffolliott jmeff at engsoc.QueensU.CA
Tue Dec 8 18:44:19 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I'm having problems with roaming profiles being reset due to something
which seems to be in Samba.  The machine didn't experience this kind of
thing at least before switching from NT.  

Using an older Samba release samba-1.9.19a1pre10 on RedHat 5.1 x86,
although i've been following this list daily and haven't heard about this
problem, so I'm assuming it's still there in 2.0beta3.  Won't be able to
check that until January, however, in here's the info in hopes that it may
be fixed by then.

Here's what I see in the Event Log - 

Event #1000, Source: UserEnv, User: N/A, in Application Event log - 
"RegLoadKey failed with error 1009 for

About four seconds later, 
Event #1000, Source: UserEnv, User: N/A, in the
Application Event Log - "The operating system was unable to load the
locally stored profile. A new local profile will be created. (1009)"

Then the user's local copy of the roaming profile in the winnt\profiles
directory is renamed to USER.bak, and a new profile is created based on
the "Default User (Network)" profile (ie. it's reset).  The user loses a
lot of information, including what's on their desktop, all their email,
application settings, etc.

Jamie ffolliott

Engineering Society, Queen's U

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