stay away from HEAD branch?

Greg Dickie greg at
Tue Dec 8 16:33:28 GMT 1998


  Please do not take the following as any kind of criticism. I realize you are
working very hard on getting the domain stuff working and that this is bound to
have an impact on the code; however, I have been cvs'ing the latest version
every morning for the last few months and building it and trying it out , it's
quite interesting to see the progression of features. What I'm wundering now is
whether we mere mortals should stay away from the cvs tree until things
stabilise a bit? The domain group mapping completely broke my experimental
setup and it seems to be getting worse so should we consider it "closed until
further notice"?

  Any guidance appreciated,

Greg Dickie
Just A Guy*
*from discreet logic
(514) 954-7171
greg at

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