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David Bannon D.Bannon at
Mon Dec 7 01:22:43 GMT 1998

At 03:19 AM 05/12/1998 +1100, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>/etc/group -
>dadmn="DOmain Admins"
>_would_ work.

Now, just what is '' ? Do you mean one of the new group api files
you have defined, you suggested names [,,]. If you mean one of those, then no, it does not work. That is
what the origional post was about, if a person is in a unix group that is
mapped to a NT group in one of those files, they are not logged on as an

Note ! that is not what I said origionally !, I said they could not log on
at all. That only happens if the unix group you choose is 'adm'. Seems it
cannot allow any logon of a user who is a member of 'adm' if 'adm' is
mapped in '' to a valid NT User. Any other group and you can
login, but not with any special group privileges.


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