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Amol Karnik amol at
Fri Dec 4 23:17:30 GMT 1998

hi all,

didnt receive a single reply to this. This is really important to me...i
have a few machine out on my network , (NT,98 and 95) which log on to my
samba domain. How can i ever upgrade, without having to redo every
machine every time?

- amol

Amol Karnik wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm sure i'm doing something totally wrong here.
> i always get the latest cvs version after any major changes to the code,
> and compile it, and install it. Whenver i do this, all the NT
> workstations which used to be able to join my samba domain, are now
> unable to join it when they reboot, saying that the machines dont have
> an account. I then have to delete their entry from smbpasswd, get the
> machines into standalone (not part of a domain). then add the machine to
> the smbpasswd file using smbpasswd -a -m machinename. then change the
> workstations to log on to the samba domain, then reboot.
> is there any other way of doing this? every time the change the smbd and
> nmbd daemons, i have to do this all over again, for all wkstations!
> regards, and thanks in advance.
> - amol

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