smbd/reply.c Bug?

Víctor Pons Colomer is04797 at
Fri Dec 4 11:20:18 GMT 1998

Hi all.

I have a problem with both the main branch and the beta2 branch with home
directories user validations.

In smb.conf I have homes setup as follows:

	comment = Home Directories
	user only = yes
	browseable = yes

It used to work two weeks ago.
But when you put the user database it stopped working.
The problem is that when i try to enter the home directory it says Error
bad user/password in the logs, and Win (both NT and 98) insists in asking
for user and pwd.

Debugging it I found in smbd/reply.c function reply_tcon_and_X that if the
packet sent by Win doesn't contain a '%' character it doesn't fit the user
parameter, so validation doesn't work

I don't know if is a bug or a bad configuration. I tried setting in
[homes] path = /%H but it still doesn't work


Viktu Pons Colomer
Col.laborador del Centre de Serveis Informàtics CSI
Department of Computer Science
Escola d'Enginyeria la Salle                    Telf:   07 972026
Universitat Ramon Llull                         E-mail: viktu at
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Girona - Europe

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