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Thu Dec 3 23:09:49 GMT 1998

At 04:03 PM 03/12/1998 +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

>> Further, and unrelated (?), 'log on' is not permitted if the user is
>> mentioned in a group that is mentioned in the, fine for everyone
>> else.
>oh?? just "in a group", or if the group is the users' _primary_ group?

OK, bit more carefull testing.
If user is a member of a group (say adm) that is mapped to
"Administrators",  "System Operators" or even "Users", cannot logon. It
does not matter if the (unix)group is the user's primary group or only
mentioned in /etc/group.

However, if I map adm=BUILTIN\BlarBlar ie, a non existing NT Group, then
logins occur without problems.

Now, _not_ using the map file but using a technique suggested by someone a
week or so ago, add an entry to the /etc/group file thus :

Domain Admins:*:2000:dbannon,tony

Works fine ! I can logon with full admin rights. This is not a bad way to
work, but I assume not the way you want to do it.


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